Who I am

I was born on october 27, 1991 in France (Rennes) and after I obtained a bachelor of science degree with mention, I decided to begin computing studies and more than a work it was for me the beginning of my passion for programming. During these 5 years of studies and my different experiences, I'm now able to develop with a large asset of informatic languages and to solve many cases by myself but also propose some upgrades when I think it's usefull for the project on which I work.


My professional experiences

In this part I will explain my missions during my different experiences in the several companies I’ve worked.

Black sun – London

October 2018 to August 2020 : 23 months

Project : Development of different websites used as annual report for several worldwide companies.
My contribution : Develop all the front-end part of several of these websites and make them match the design.
Tools and languages used : Jquery, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Adobe XD, React.
OS : MacOS.

網鈺 – Taipei

January 2018 to July 2018 : 7 months

Project : Development of gambling games for some casinos based in Macao.
My contribution : Develop all the front-end part of several games and correct some others games using the library Phaser.
Tools and languages used : Phaser, JavasScript, HTML/CSS.
OS : Windows.

Néosoft – Rennes

August 2016 to February 2017 : 7 months

Customer : Atos
Project : Development of a software to collect every 2 minutes different informations about the PMU machins of France and verify if there is no main technical problem. If it's the case : send an immediate alert to the people concerned.
My contribution : Develop the alarm module, correction of the actual system, develop new indicators, develop the user interface of this application.
Tools and languages used : Python, C, perl, HTML/CSS/javaScript, MySQL, jQuery, SQL.
OS : Unix and Windows.

Néosoft – Rennes

(Avril 2016 to Juin 2016 : 3 months)

Customer : Atos
Project : Development of the web-based management platform to help the sustainable housing vacuum in Paris decreased in Paris: Multiloc.
My contribution : Develop new modules and correction of the different anomalies that I could find on the application Multiloc.
Tools and languages used : Java, J2EE, HTML/CSS, MySQL, jQuery, SQL, Bootstrap, SVN, Eclipse, Workbench.
OS : Windows.

Alten – Rennes

January 2015 to September 2018 : 9 months

Customer : Seres
Project : Restructuration, modifications and improvements of a web platform for management of temporary contracts : Temporaris.
My contribution : Continue the programming of the web-plateform Temporaris.
Tools and languages used : PHP/HTML/CSS/jquery, phpMyAdmin, SimpleSamlPHP, Bootstrap.
OS : Windows.

DCNS – Brest

September 2013 to September 2014 : 12 months

Project : Develop a maintenance application for another application : OPTI. This application helps to manage the costs, the time limits and the disponibility of all the important projects in the naval base (repair of boats or submarines).
My contribution : Continue to develop some new performance indicators to simplify the detection of anomalies on the application : OPTI.
Tools and languages used : PHP/HTML/CSS/jQuery, Python, Dia, Quality Center, vi.
OS : Windows and Unix

CHRU (hospital) – Brest

April 2013 to August 2013 : 5 months

Project : Computerization of the care process to improve the managing of the patients.
My contribution : Develop new prescriptions forms.
Tools and languages used : HTML/CSS/jQuery, HEO (medical software), Notepad ++.
OS : Windows.

Technicolor – Rennes

April 2012 to August 2012 : 5 months

Project : With the emmergence of the web technologies 2.0, the company wanted to begin an HTML5 portal similiar to a previous one using Flash to anticipate the future.
My contribution : Development of a portal that permited to select a movie with an androide system or an Ipad with the possibility to watch it on another support like a television.
Tools and languages used : HTML/CSS/jQuery, SVN, Aptana, Ilustrator CS5.
OS : Windows.

Inovae – Montréal

April 2011 to August 2011 : 3 months

Project : Get the best offer to obtain a contract with the harbour of Montréal.
My contribution : Develop a web platform to manage the electicity and the water for all the users of the Montréal harbour.
Tools and languages used : HTML/CSS/javaScript, PHP, Drupal.
OS : Windows.


My skills

Skill Experiences/levels
Computing languages
PHP 2 years and 3 months (+personnal project)
HTML/CSS 6 years and 1 months
javaScript(jQuery) 6 years and 1 months
Python 1 year and 6 months
Java 3 months (+studies)
C 6 months
Perl 6 months
C# studies
AEM 1 year 11months
Phaser 8 months
React 5 months
Less 1 year 11 months
Sass 1 year 11 months
Drupal (PHP) 3 months
Lutece (java) 3 months
Bootstrap (HTML/CSS) 8 months
SimpleSamlPhp 8 months
SQL 2 years and 9 months (+studies)
MySQL 1 year and 3 months (+personal project)
Oracle 9 months (+studies)
Operating systems
Windows 3 years 7 months (+personal experiences)
Unix 1 year + 6 months (+studies)
iOS 2 years 4 months (+personal experience)
Linux - Ubuntu personal experience
French Native
English Fluent
Spanish Intermediate
Chinese Beginner


Year English equivalent diplomas Establishments
2012-2014 Master's degree in IT UBO - Brest
2011-2012 BA in IT UBO - Brest
2009-2011 BTEC Higher National Diploma in IT IUT -Lannion
2012-2014 Scientist Level with mention Lycée Victor et hélène Bash - Rennes


One more thing

Now that you know who is the employee Yohann Person, let's talk a little about the personality.

Developing is one of my passion but I also really enjoy traveling, meet new people with different cultures and different visions of the world. I consider myself as an easy going person with who it's simple to talk about many subjects. I think by myself and I have an opinion on many different subjects but I can change my mind with experience and with people I meet .

I'm also a big fan of snowboarding and hikking, nature means something to me. And if I don't look at the sport in front of a screen, I love practice all kind of sports, even if I have a preference for racket sports. I'm also interessed in all kind of sciences especially by astronomy.

To conclude with this part, I see myself as an easygoing person who knows when it's time to be serious but also when it's time to have fun.